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Because we attract what we feel and become what we imagine the architects of control who manipulate the human world work 24/7 to generate fear, chaos and confusion. This presents consciousness with a unique challenge – the challenge of mastering itself to an astonishing degree. The challenges that we perceive around us have to be met with a greater power. This power exists within us as an eternal living fact.


Freedom and Peace 3: Fear and The Hacking of Human Consciousness



In this audio file you will discover:

  • How fear is the greatest teacher.
  • How human consciousness is being hacked and how to fortify your mind with an impenetrable firewall.


Fear and The Hacking of Human Consciousness

The layers of the matrix are fraught with challenge for the purpose of initiation. All things work for the good to those who love God. Beautiful scripture. That means that if you can remain conscious, then you can become more and more awake. And we have all the support systems for you to do that. You can navigate these levels and layers with increasing sensitivity and mastery.

Spiritual challenges, emotional challenges, mental challenges, and physical challenges are all part of the game of life. As I was saying, one of the main strategies right now is the two pronged attack.

One is generating as much fear as possible through the terror attacks, the destruction of the earth scenarios, the weather, the wars, the using of the hard machines, the ramping up of the climatic variations, the destruction of nature, nuclear strategies, nuclear ways, nuclear toxicity, and economic calamity. All of this stuff generates more and more fear, and then confusion and chaos.

This what I mentioned early on about all technology being coded. It’s basically to computerize your brain, and therefore computerize consciousness. It creates side walks to interface technology with consciousness.

Take for example techno nature rhythms, you see. Everyone is hooked on the raves, taking the best drugs ever, and raving to machine music.

But none of the spiritual masters has ever used raves as their preferred method of ascension and enlightenment. They have gone to the river, they have gone to the forest, they have gone to the ocean, and they have gone to the sun. They got into the nature rhythms, the nature sounds, and the nature code. This is the divine matrix.

So this is very, very, very important. The subterfuge and the levels of subterfuge are astonishing. That is why I mentioned the sacred geometry a moment ago.

And then of course we have all these entities masquerading us as saviors and salvation coming in descended masters, and the latest heroic group of extraterrestrials which are here to save us.

Now I am not saying that these entities don’t exist. What I am saying is that if they are presenting themselves as our savior, then something is sticky, and is alerting us to the the matrix. This is a program of the matrix here.

Fascinating. “Eternal vigilance, is the price of freedom”, a great man once said. So these levels of subterfuge continue all the way through the astral realm as I mentioned.

Check out the near death experience of Mellen Benedict Thomas and be amazed.

So here we are. The bubble within the ocean. We can trust that life knows what it’s doing. And that forces of creation, cosmological forces, astrological forces, mythological forces, natural forces, and all divine forces are all working hand in hand to provide the bubble with everything it needs to pop and wake up. This is all for consciousness to reconfigure it’s own alchemy which is the blend of awareness and attitude that levels up vibratory content in the soul.

Fascinating thing about that membrane of that little bubble is that it stores all of the vibrations and vibratory recordings of our experiences. And not just our experiences but all the ancestors experiences in there too, including the genetic material and the gene code. Our genetics are defined and inherited from our ancestors. We have got our genetics from our parents. They have got them from their parents, and they got them from their parents.

So the genetics are passed down through the generations. But as we know from the research of Cellular Biologists such as Doctor Bruce H. Lipton, the DNA responds to it’s atmosphere. It responds to the content. The genetic material in the cell responds to the environment around it. And therefore the thoughts, the feelings, the awareness, and the attitude are affecting the vibratory organization of the genetic coding sequences all of the time. And those genetic coding sequences are just a bunch of chemicals. That’s all they are. In fact there is only four of them. Four simple chemical combinations reoccurring in hundreds and trillions of patterns.

This alchemy of consciousness, the blend of your awareness and attitude is what you as an individual are called to master and regulate. And you as consciousness, are like electricity flowing into a liquid environment. The vibratory nature, the vibratory resonance, and the vibratory consequences are everything you think, everything you feel, everything you say, and  everything you do. This creates a vibratory imprint, an impression in your soul and in the membrane of your soul.

Our soul is much, much, much smaller than an atom. And you can take one of those atoms,  split it, and disturb the spin of the electrons which are like little planets orbiting their central nucleus like the sun. You can disturb the orbit of those electrons and you can generate nuclear fission, and nuclear explosion. That’s what you can do. Nuclear energy. Atomic energy. That’s what’s in one single atom.

So your soul is much, much, much more powerful. When you access the divine potential within, that’s when you become really powerful. You can only do that through peace.  The way to access it through the peace is through the restoration of harmony in all of those layers of vibrations in your soul and in your genetics. The support strategies that go with this information are to help you do that, and all you have to do is practice it.

So that little bubble, floating in the ocean there, is being absolutely bombarded by cosmological, astrological, and mythological forces. It’s projecting an image of a human being into the world and that little person is looking out through it’s senses from the ego persona imagining all kinds of nonsense that’s completely out of context with it’s own internal nature. It is making up scary stories and believing in those stories to such a degree that it’s experiencing the feelings of them and creating its own reality.

It is perceiving life as something that happens to it instead of something that happens through it, by it, and as it. This is the order of the evolution of consciousness. The ego perceives reality as something that happens to it in a world that threatens it’s own survival because that’s all it can see with the senses. Those senses go into a central processing unit, a conscious mind that is full of the conditioning and programming of the matrix.

Sensory information is 0.000000001 percent of what’s actually there, and what’s actually happening. That tiny fragment of one percent of what’s actually occurring goes into the brain and is processed by hacked program software. It’s a  program and generates it’s own conclusions. You see, the ego’s perspective is inherently flawed. Cosmological, astrological, and mythological forces combine to help that illusory sense of self wake up and help the consciousness that is perceiving inaccurately and incorrectly to be released from it’s painful perspectives, confused perspectives, and frightened perspectives to awaken to it’s own experience of itself.

Depending on how emotionally attached we are to who we are not, defines how much we actually suffer in life. That’s how it works. So within that bubble there are three fundamental layers; there is the conscious, the subconscious, and the unconscious. The conscious mind is the realm of the ego, the persona, and the personality. It belongs to the body consciousness; the sense of self that says ‘I am this body’, ‘I am aware of making this recording’, and ‘I am aware of this world that we are living in and these dreadful things that are happening with all the suffering and misery’.

People just trying to enjoy their lives, love each other, and love their families.

Be happy and just have the best life ever

The things I am aware of that I can conceptualize, communicate, and articulate are all in the realm of the conscious mind. That sense of self has been going for 54 years in my case. All of the vibrations and all of those experiences are recorded within the subconscious.

The unconscious is the part of the soul that is connected to the ancestral soul matrix through the mother and fathers connection and through the genetics in the physical body. All of those vibrations from the mother, father, and the ancestors are stored within the soul. If they have not been returned to, then they have not been reconciled back to their original purity.

We only carry the vibrational content, the residual karmic vibration with us, which means all of the ways we have been thinking, speaking, acting, and feeling that are out of harmony with the spirit of life, with the nature of life, and with that true inner nature.

Because that stuff is the stuff that still needs to be reconciled. The alchemy of consciousness consciously returns itself to purity and innocence. It releases and returns all of this other stuff back into the nothingness. And with the practices that I recommend in this work, I will help you do that. They are very effective and they deal with these three layers.

Within the ego construct there are archetypal patterns. We hear these word archetypes very often. The ego has the archetypal patterns of the wounded child, the victim, the prostitute, and the saboteur. It is bound to express primarily the villain, the victim and the hero.

So the ego’s realm consists of assaults between the hero, villein and victim. And it’s expressive behavior can be categorized as a wounded child, a victim, a prostitute, or a saboteur. These are archetypal patterns and there are sub-archetypes and many, many, many of them. But the way the ego behaves makes it nicely fit into those little categories. So we know if we are playing the victim, the hero, or the villain, then we are playing the ego’s game. We know if we are projecting the villain, the victim, or the hero onto someone else, then we are playing the ego’s game. We know if we are expressing as a wounded child, a victim, a prostitute or a saboteur, that we are playing the ego’s game.

But it’s very subtle. I mean it’s obviously not so subtle that we cant see it, but it can get extremely subtle. And the whole secret is to relinquish positionallity is to let go of the separate sense of self. Relax into a unified, seamless, oneness with invisible life presence, and with the spirit of life. The only way you can do that is by navigating these three levels. The subconscious, unconscious, and conscious realms.

The strategies to support this are designed to assist you in navigating those three levels. It’s wonderful stuff. And as you do that, you return the vibratory nature, the residual vibrations within your soul, and within the psyche to purity and innocence. It’s the great return to innocence that the soul is longing for. Return to the ocean and that’s a vibratory harmonic. It’s not a journey. We can’t actually go anywhere. Consciousness doesn’t have any legs, but what it does, is return itself to an underlining state of pristine purity. We experience that as peace. Absolute peace.

Bliss is the higher states of consciousness. Underneath it all is just this pristine peace. And peace really is the yard stick for it all. You can pretend to be happy. But you can’t pretend to be peaceful. You can’t fake that. You can pretend to be strong, you can pretend to have faith, and you can pretend to be wise, but you can’t fake inner peace. And the peace comes, returning all the levels of your being to oneness. The seamless harmonic with the presence of the eternity, the eternal presence is a beautiful thing.


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