Your Dreams Really Can Come True

Check out what our Superheroes have been doing! If you have a dream, Superhero Training will give you the power to make it happen! You can do it too!

Superhero Graduate Amy Miller, founder of  Transcendence Theatre Company.

Watch this video from Superhero Graduate, Amy Miller, founder of  Transcendence Theatre Company. She took her dream and make it real. In this video she is talking about her consciousness raising Transcendence Theatre Company. (Which she brought to life after completing Superhero Training). Find out more:

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Superhero Graduate Rachel Joy Olsen, holistic health coach, author of “The Magic of Living Nutrition,” speaker, certified raw vegan nutritionist and chef, personal fitness coach and weight management specialist

Rachel Joy Olsen is a holistic health coach, certified raw vegan nutritionist and chef, personal fitness coach and weight management specialist who inspires people to embrace their health and life a magical life. She is an author, speaker, fitness and nutrition expert and offers smart nutrition and lifestyle solutions for health seekers. She is the author of “The Magic of Living Nutrition” and co-author of “You are the CEO of Your Body,” which will be released in the spring of 2015.

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Superhero Graduate Pati Sands, Community Partner at

Pati, an NYC based photographer and associate producer of PLANETARY, organises grassroots events and fundraisers that further the creation of a community around planetary values and ideas.

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Superhero Graduate Myriam Conroy is a sought after wellness coach who helps women create a beautiful, healthy body while creating a beautiful planet. 

Eco-friendly diet is about you becoming healthy, beautiful and radiant from the inside out – while supporting the planet and creating sustainable living. I believe you deserve more from life.


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Superhero Graduate Michelle Mcinnis, Spiritual Life Coach, Women’s Life Coach, Magic Moments Radio, Empowering Women.

Michelle is a Women’s Empowering Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Radio Show Host!  She is the Creator of the Invitation and has a great passion to open the consciousness on the planet and feels that Women are the Catalyst for the movement. Michelle is an expert at helping women to find what is stopping them from being all that they can be and then letting it go and creating their true self.


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Superhero Graduate Fiona Barrett, Holistic Health Coach.

As a Holistic Health Coach since 2005 my business Beautiful Food Coaching was created with a passion for using foods as natural beauty treatments. In 2010 as I was still working through symptoms of DCIS breast cancer I received a “vision” sitting at my desk one-day to create a natural lipstick product. At that time I knew nothing about making lipstick but I did have product development experience from my previous sixteen year career in the fashion business.

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Superhero Graduate Bianca Childs, as director of Healing Arts Croatia, is now fulfilling her own dream of helping to spread innovative healing and spiritual awareness techniques throughout the world.

For the past seven years, Bianca was the Operating Director for “Bridging Heaven and Earth”, a spiritual TV talk show in Santa Barbara, California. During her tenure, Bianca came into contact with many world renowned spiritual teachers, healers, artists, authors and musicians. Her responsibilities as Operating Director included organizing and producing the show, including filming and floor directing, booking guests, and setting up workshops for them.

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logo2-e1400803589973        elena-may-2014-3

Superhero Graduate Elena Rusakova, Transformational Coaching

I will create a life-changing coaching experience. Whether you are seeking to renew your vitality, look and feel better, or have other specific concerns – I can help you feel the best that you can be….and it keeps getting better!

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resentment-how-to-let-go-of-bitterness  Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.57.05 PM

Superhero Graduate Barb Bailey, Mentor, teacher and author of the Blue Rainbow Series

Barb Bailey is the sought after perspective mentor and author who creates a comfortable nook for boundless personal freedom. She is famous for creating practices for letting go of past emotional pain through understanding and humor without being judgmental or applying pressure.

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Superhero Graduate Jennifer Henry, University of Light Spiritual Readings, Coaching and Classes

Jennifer Henry comes from a family of gifted psychics, and brings a diversity of life experience to her spiritual consulting and teaching. In 1987, she began her own journey of intuitive training, and by 1991 was offering spiritual readings professionally. She then traveled to India and the Philippines to study yoga and meditation. In 1997, she became certified in massage therapy, and began teaching courses designed especially for working with the seriously ill, and initiated professional programs for hospices, hospitals and massage therapy institutes throughout California. Years later, she became a successful realtor specializing in residential property sales. Jennifer holds degrees in both Liberal Arts and Spanish, is a licensed non-denominational minister, and certified instructor for private post-secondary and vocational education. Jennifer is currently studying for a certificate in Raw Food Nutrition. She is founder of the University of Light, offering spiritual readings, life coaching and classes that facilitate psychic development and personal transformation. She is also author of the forthcoming book, The Spiritual Reader’s Handbook: A Guide to Reading Energy. Jennifer is an avid lover of life, as evidenced by her love of skydiving, adventure, study and travel. She is the mother of two fabulous children, a variety of pets, and resides in beautiful Sonoma County, California.

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More Testimonials

“The search is over. All the tools are here and these tools are working!”

Superhero Training has been the most INVALUABLE training I have ever taken in the life! I have participated and invested in many programs to help me, as a very analytical science type, understand that which can’t be seen, exploration of the unseen, and bringing it into my life to create a fuller richer experience while here on Earth and in the material.

The amount of practical exercises given in the program are just mind blowing! This is a program that offers you the full choice of, “What do you want to work on today?” I believe this has helped me listen better to what I need. They answered every one of my questions and I had one every call!

Andrea Lambert

USA Health Educator, Health Coach

“I would highly recommend it for anyone that truly wants to experience a paradigm shift in their life.”

The Superhero Training has totally changed my life because I have been manifesting a deep sense of peace, love, and gratitude. This training has truly made me see the world and myself in a completely different manner and I have met so many wonderful souls in the process. I would highly recommend it for anyone that truly wants to experience a paradigm shift in their life.

Brian A. Wilson

Computer Engineer, Houston, Texas

“Superhero Training guided me through a complete transformation of my life and I am eternally grateful”

The Superhero Training helped me to overcome a long period of suffering and unlock a new magical way of living and seeing the world. It provided me with the tools I needed to feel a sense of joy, compassion and freedom. I discovered my dharma and am now positively contributing to making the world a better place rather than merely floundering around without direction or a sense of purpose.

As a result of the training I now know what I want and have manifested the most exciting adventures around the world. Life has gone from being painful and frustrating to meaningful, fun and far less serious. The Superhero Training guided me through a complete transformation of my life and I am eternally grateful.

Carolyn Russel

Taupo, New Zealand

“Superhero Training has absolutely changed my life on every level”

Superhero Training is keeping me afloat as I soar through the spaces of the unknown. It is providing me so much sustenance and support via the mastermind calls, Facebook page, weekly online sessions, and new friendships I am forming. Superhero Training has absolutely changed my life on every level. I don’t cry anymore in despair of a long-buried dream unable to be born. Superhero Training has renewed my faith in myself and given me so many valuable tools to self-empower and make my dream a reality! Superhero Training offers a beautiful and comprehensive program to overhaul anyone’s life who is truly up for changing themselves from the inside out. I love you guys, and would love to meet you in person someday so that I can express my gratitude with a big, huge hug!

Jeniffer Henry

California, USA

“I would recommend the training to others because it is great to do and you really can change things in your life”

My hesitations around doing the Superhero Training were financial lack… I still persevered and found a job so I could save up enough and took the training later during the year. From having done the training, I am much more trusting and at ease with the flow of things. I don’t feel pressured anymore. I nurture my inner child frequency without guilt. A once strong passion for spiritual practices and discipline has been revived in me and is becoming a part of my character.

After you complete the training, you have this beautiful toolkit to take with you so you can keep going deeper and deeper. Superhero Training is an immersion intro Self Mastery and the embodiment of your highest values!

Carl Ronka

Entrepreneur and Teacher,

“As a result of doing the Superhero Training, I’ve stopped smoking!”

We have a garden with fruits and vegetables. The relationship with my husband has improved and I feel more love for mother earth and feel more connected with everyone and everything.

I benefited most from the training by doing everything and had a good time with all of it. Now I am settling it more in balance with my life. I would recommend the training to others because it is great to do and you really can change things in your life.

Jennie Smallenbroek

Holland, Artist,