How to Stop “Drifting” and Get on Your Mission Now!

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What is “drifting” and why is drifting through life so dangerous?

How to Stop DriftingAccording to Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich (and an even better book, Outwitting the Devil, which was too controversial to be realized until 2011…)

98% of the world’s population is AIMLESSLY DRIFTING through life…

…with a lack of goals, stuck, scattered and not knowing how to be productive.

This is a SERIOUS problem because the ocean of life will NOT just take us somewhere wonderful unless we become captains of our souls, and navigators of our destiny.

There is even an expression ‘God helps those who help themselves’.

No matter how we look at it – we have to take responsibility for our lives, what we do and the results we get.

If we let life just take us on a ride, it may be fine for a time – but then what will happen when one day is the currents will change and we find ourselves at the mercy of treacherous storms, torrential rain, freezing oceans, numb, drowned, bloated and barely alive.

This is the state of 98% of the world’s population. Look around and see how many souls are drowning right now in your own life. It’s real.

However, this doesn’t have to happen to you – if you start to get clear and focused NOW.

The Signs of a Drifter

According to Napoleon Hill, someone who is drifting will show the following signs…

  • Total lack of a major purpose in life
  • He/She will be conspicuous by their lack of self-confidence
  • She/He will never accomplish anything requiring thought and effort
  • He/She will expect everything of others, but be willing to give nothing in return
  • She/He may begin many things, but complete nothing
  • He/She will be loud in their condemnation of their government, but he will never tell you definitely how it could be improved
  • She/He will have little or no imagination
  • He/She will never reach decisions on anything if they can avoid it, and if they are forced to decide, they will reverse themselves at the first opportunity
  • She/He spends all they earn and more too if they can get credit
  • He/She will be sick or ailing from some real or imaginary cause and calling to the high heavens if they suffer the least physical pain
  • She/He will lack enthusiasm and initiative to begin anything they are not forced to undertake, and they will plainly express their weakness by taking the line of least resistance whenever they can do so
  • He/She will be ill-tempered and lacking in control over their emotions
  • Their personality will be without magnetism, and it will not attract others
  • She/He will have opinions on everything but accurate knowledge of nothing
  • He/She may be a jack of all trades, but good at none
  • She/He will neglect to cooperate with those around them…even on those they must depend on for food and shelter
  • He/She will make the same mistake over and over again never profiting by failure
  • She/He will be narrow-minded and intolerant on all subjects ready to crucify those who disagree with them
  • He/She will eat too much, and exercise too little
  • She/He will take a drink of liquor, if someone else will pay for it
  • He/She will gamble if they can do it on the cuff (meaning on credit)
  • She/He will criticize others who are succeeding at their chosen calling
  • The drifter will work harder to get out of thinking than most others work at making a good living
  • He/She will tell a lie rather than admit their ignorance on any subject
  • If they work for others they will criticize them to their backs, and flatter them to their faces

Drifting is the MAJOR hidden cause for all of your suffering, stress and dis-satisfaction with life.

It is an invisible spiritual cancer that has taken over the world. If you are unclear about WHAT to do and WHY you are here – the chances are you are trapped in the invisible web of ‘drifting’ which can lead you to a life that is wasting away. That’s not fun – and it’s NOT your fault. We’ve been influenced by a world that has lost it’s way. Unfortunately, it is an extremely serious problem. If you have been ‘drifting’ from one moment to the next without a goal and aim – be warned. This may be fun for a while to float about in the waves of life… but after some time, like those you can see all around you, you will end up stranded somewhere. Lost. Confused and with no map. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There is an easy way out of this trap. This powerful FREE video and audio are the map out of no-mans land, back to yourself, your destiny and your mission. You are destined for an amazing life. You deserve it. Now is the time to re-activate your inner knowing and make it happen!

May TODAY be the day that your entire life changes…

Are you ready to snap out of the hypnotic rhythm of drifting? If you’re not super clear, you’ve been put into a trance… and it’s not your fault. If you’re ready to truly make the shift, and get unstuck – then we’ve got your back. We’ve helped hundred of people worldwide to awaken spiritually, tune into their gifts, passions and move step by step into a REAL life that they love. This is not woo woo fluffy stuff. This is what really works in real life. And is there anything more important than your own life? The most powerful thing you can do to escape drifting is to surround yourself with people who are on a mission and who can help you stay on YOUR mission. And that’s why we created Genesis Training. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO NOW – AND LIBERATE YOURSELF FROM DRIFTING By doing this not only will your life come back into balance and joy, but you will become a powerful light house for everyone in your life too. The world needs you and your gifts. Lots of love, Michael & Nick

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