Yoly Pennesi Tafuri, Science Researcher

Amy Miller, Founder of Transcendence Theatre Company

Stephanie Aitken, Life Coach

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What Will You Get When You
your Superhero Adventure?

When you begin Superhero Training you will receive…

60 Minutes PERSONAL 1-on-1 Laster Coaching Session with Bestselling Author & Co-founder of Superhero Training, Nick Good.

This call will be focused on where you need the most support, and Nick has a very unique perspective on the greater context of your life & how to emerge a true spiritual warrior of love with integrity & power. ($1000 Value)


60 Minutes PERSONAL 1-on-1 Laster Coaching Session with Bestselling Author & Co-founder of Superhero Training, Michael Mackintosh

This call will be focused on where you need more support, and Michael has a very unique perspective & experience with the theme of “being in the world but not of it” and being in a high spiritual consciousness as well as doing business & service in the world. ($1000 Value)

The World-Renowned Superhero Training 7.0 (For any soul feeling the call to step into their greatness)

Superhero Training is a complete holistic system that combines all levels of life – physical, mental, emotional, relational, environmental, financial & spiritual. As you go through the Core Training, you will transcend to new levels of consciousness, while practically transforming your life into a living miracle, and letting go of addictions, habits & situations that drain you and suck your energy – freedom can be yours.

Superhero Training is a life-changing Practice-Based Course, that takes your through sessions composed of video, audio & written exercises to empower you in the world as it is today and to become both the change you wish to see in the world, as well as create a life success blueprint that is true to your authentic self.

Time to let go of the baggage & put on your new ‘superhero’ cape, it is time. ($3500 Value)

Access to the Treasure Store of Transformative Calls

Listen to the wealth of timeless wisdom available in over 4 years worth of Live Mastermind Call recordings with Michael, Nick & Taylor. You can literally access these energy activating calls for years, there is a boundless wealth here. ($4800)

Living Spirituality & Wearing the World like a Light Garment

Go deep into the heart of your soul & your eternal connection with the Supreme in this bonus course from Arielle Hecht, best-selling author & instrument for spiritual awakening. Receive meditations to experience the love & truth of God, as listeners have described, & feel your eternal safety and bond with the Divine, as a living experience in your daily life. ($875)

Special Expert Guest Professors

Receive exclusive material from Guest Professors leading the way in a dawning of Consciousness in their field, including David Wolfe (exclusive material), Gerald O’Donnell, Nassim Haramein & more.

The Superhero Soul Family Community

Regular connection with deep souls who ‘get you’ and love you. In this private FB group, you can experience a great wealth of love, inspiration and support with our global community of deep, loving souls. Even if FB isn’t your thing, using it for this group will be a potent force of great support & connection with your soul family & an opportunity to meet other like-minded soul who you can connect with ongoing.

To Sustain Your Joy, Abundance & Freedom

When you begin Superhero Training you will also receive…

Essential StoryTelling with Nick Good

Learn how to liberate yourself from the ego’s archetypal patterns & their influence. Nick will share with you how to become a master of your mind and emotions.

Releasing the Brakes Emotional Freedom Course

Let go of emotional baggage, negativity and crippling addictions, for good with this powerful course with Michael Mackintosh & Joshua Benavides. ($950)

Genesis Training 1, 2 & 3

Receive Access to the first ever Superhero Training, Genesis. This is packed with deep heart & soul truths & will support your experiencing yourself flying through life on the wings of Grace. ($350)

9 Breaths of Amazing Grace Transformation

Experience the next level practice after the award-winning book Amazing Grace so you can tap into a state of living magic and deep peace. ($150)

Angel Qi Gong (Level I & II)

Become an embodiment of angelic energy as you harmonize your energetic system with this easy powerful moving meditation practice. ($150)

Complete Actual Value of Superhero Training, Support System & Bonuses: $21,325

Your Tuition Options

Current Tuition: $2500*

*subject to increase

Limited Time Tuition Options

Option 1:
One Payment of just $1,497 (Save $1003)

Option 2:
$625/month (4 easy monthly installments)

Option 3:
$250/month (10 easy monthly installments)


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