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Then this is for you!

Real Life Superhero Experiences

Yoly Pennesi Tafuri, Science Reasearcer
Amy Miller, Founder of Transcendence Theatre Company
Stephanie Aitken, Life Coach

Superhero Training is the #1 Spiritual Development Program for Breaking Free From The Matrix and Truly Delivering The Gift of Yourself to the World!

    • SuperHero Training supports creative, inspired, and awakening souls (like you) to to Truly Live Your Life Purpose


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Once you enter your name and email you will be instantly re-directed to an application page where you can apply for Superhero Training and begin creating your new life – starting now.

Superhero Training Professors

David Wolfe
– Raw Food Guru

Nick Good
– Superhero Training Co-founder

Michael Mackintosh
– Superhero Training Co-founder

Taylor Call
– Advisor to CEO’s & Channel

Joshua Benavides
– The Limitless Coach

Nassim Haramein
– Quantum Physicist

Andrea McNinch
– Down-to-earth urban-hippie-chic nutrition expert

Gerald O’Donnell
– Remote Viewing Master